Brigitte Bardot

She began her career as a model in Paris at the age of 15. But went on to prove that that there was much more to her than just a pretty face.

Brigitte Bardot, a name synonymous with fame and beauty, as well as psychological problems. Born in Paris in 1934, she was scouted as a model at the tender age of 15, and soon found herself in the full glare of thousands of lenses. So it is hardly surprising that she quickly outgrew the world of static images, breaking into the world of film with the help of her first husband. Her talent, grace and charm captivated men and women alike. But she slowly paled in the light of so many flashes. Relationship problems, a faltering career and life in the public eye soon took their toll.

She eventually withdrew from the movie business and concentrated on the one thing that meant most to her: caring for animals. In the 1970s she used her reputation and her money to voice her opposition to animal cruelty and the annual seal culls in particular. At a demonstration in Paris she burned the very pelts that she had so often worn in her career. A rise from pretty face to the face of animal welfare.