my way-Cultural Site

Hagenbrunn near Vienna

Stranger, beware, when you enter this place of contemplation for the first time.

“Magical longings will surround you and seduce you to undertake a journey through your own life. Walk with measured steps on this unique path, and take enough time to stop and linger for a while at each stage. Then this way can become your way.”
Many famous people have “found themselves again” at this place – Christiaan Barnard, Brigitte Bardot, Lech Walesa, Waris Dirie – just to name a few.

my way is the cultural center of Hagenbrunn: There are barely two thousand residents and many little streets and squares, which have grown historically, and quickly captivate the visitors from all over the world.

my way is accessible free to all visitors – every day. Day and night.

my way lies in the heart of Europe, only 20 minutes by car from Vienna.