my way-Philosophy

Life as a whole – life as a journey

We are used to just looking at life as something that is simply what it is, rather than as a journey during which one turn follows the next. We are all so occupied with the “I” that we lose sight of the journey itself and end up isolating ourselves from our own communities.

From the moment the umbilical cord is cut after birth we find ourselves part of a new “we”. From the dyad (mother and child) to the triad (mother, father and child). And in later life we enter into new social relationships (school, work). By this point we see that it is only possible for an individual to develop the “I” if they are part of a “we”.

A good start in life is essential if we are to achieve the “we” and, later the “I”. The nine months of pregnancy and the first 36 months on earth go 90% of the way towards a successful and happy life. People that embark upon their path from a strong starting point are ideally placed to achieve more in their lives.

my way makes it possible for you to experience your own very personal path along 7 stages.

my way also shows you how our children grow up healthier, smarter und with fewer aggressions, and how young mothers and fathers can change the world.

my way-movie