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Each person goes through life in their own way. But we all have one thing in common: the seven stages from birth to the completion of our journey.

Follow your own life line

Picture a wonderful journey in which you delve into your past, your present and your future. my way in Hagenbrunn just outside Vienna now gives you the chance to do exactly that.

You can make your own way along your own 777-metre-long life path. my way is based on the seven stages of life that give people the opportunity to develop their own character: Birth, Childhood, Awakening, Love, Family, Old Age, Completion. These stages are symbolised by sculptures created by artists from seven different countries.

Each my way stage extends an invitation to consciously reflect on this key stage of life. The life line leads from stages that you have already passed, and on towards those that still lie ahead of you. Find the point where you currently are in your life.

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Discover the meaning of life

Take a look back: isn’t the path you have already taken incredibly long?

And look ahead: which path do you still have ahead of you? Isn’t it time to reflect, and ask yourself: what have I done wrong for myself? What could I do better in future, for my remaining journey through life?

After the seventh and final stop on your journey you arrive at a place of warmth and security, which will allow you to process the experiences and impressions you have gathered along the way, and consider the following question: what can I do to discover the meaning of my life? Internalise this question by following the life line once again.

But this time experience it as a journey back into your childhood, as a support mechanism for coming to terms with your own past.