my way-Foundation

Each person goes through life in their own way.
The my way foundation takes a path of shaping change in society. As a non-profit foundation it is dedicated to improving the lives of parents and children, with a firm commitment to improving prosperity through an active approach to parenting.


my way wants to help parents and children on their way to a happier, healthier life. Parents are given the tools they require to achieve this through specially subsidised initiatives. This creates a solid starting point for economic and social mobility, which also benefits the wider economy.


In today’s world it is increasingly difficult to maintain a healthy work-life balance. my way wants to bring about a peaceful revolution for men and women alike, allowing them to reconcile the demands of a career and family life.

The goal is to use the unique life phase model for professional parenthood to come up with a solution. The life formula of 9+36=90 plays a central role. It states that the 9 months of pregnancy and the first 36 months after birth go 90% of the way towards determining how happy, healthy and intelligent a child will be in later life.

With a great deal of energy, enthusiasm and strength my way is helping to spread this theory, with a view to achieving positive change in society, business and politics. So that we can smooth the path for our children on their way to a brighter future.

Legal form

my way is a non-profit foundation which invests all of its income in public relations activity, research and development programmes. With the support of its backers, the foundation concentrates on improving the social, psychological, economic and biological health of the nation.

The my way-Foundation finances among others:

  • the “Academy for Professional Parenting”
  • campaigns to carry out the my way-goals of Professional Parenting
  • studies by scientific insitutions such as the RAND Corporation and Yale University

my way-movie


Erich Bruckberger, the man who established the foundation, is supported by a dedicated team of employees and experts. The foundation also draws on worldwide partnerships with leading researchers, consultants and institutions.

Dr. Kyle Pruett Internationally known child psychiatrist, Director of Medical Studies at the Yale Child Study Center, Yale School of Medicine, expert on children, family relationships, and fathers.

Dr. James Heckman Nobel laureate, leading economist at the University of Chicago, Distinguished Chair of Microeconometrics at University College, London, and University College, Dublin.

Universität Yale & Forschungsinstitut RAND Corporation are conducting a my way initiated study to answer the question: “What economic savings, profit opportunities, and tax revenue growth occur when children are happier, healthier, and smarter?” This is the first time this question has been studied from an economic perspective and this represents the first time two such noted institutions have collaborated on this theme.


"My journey is to be the inspiration,
which finds a new way for the world – my way."
Erich Bruckberger

My presenting my way to the world today is done with the hope that many outstanding people will join my way so that full advantage will be taken of the greatest opportunity of the century. my way stands for a new vision of our life’s path, which does not – as is so customary today – exclude the beginning and the end.

If we begin at a higher level, we give our children a healthy start into life – in the security with the mother and the father.

Bio-psychosocially healthy children will develop into adults that will take this momentum with them into the second half of life, which will not end in stagnation and resignation, but will lead into a new phase of life.

I would like to extend my thanks to my friend Ernst Fischer from the bottom of my heart. my way took shape under his tenure as mayor of Hagenbrunn: “This gift to all of humanity would not have been possible without you.” I would also like to thank everyone who participated in the project, and Dieter Altermiller (media), Gerry Fischer (art) and Primo Zogg (architecture) in particular.

Erich Bruckberger