Stage 6

The old age

Der zweigeteilte Kopf, sich zum Himmel öffnend, zeigt mir den Sieg des Geistes – als Symbol, sich dem Wissen eines größeren Ganzen zu öffnen. Die überdimensional langen Beine als unmissverständliches Zeichen, dass meine Schritte zu groß, mein Weg zu kurz ist.

The old sage knows about the duality of the world that he or she has almost passed through. This alone, however, would not be enough. He or she already forebodes another world – one that is more encompassing, bigger, and spiritual. This does not mean the otherworld, for the next world is still world, but the breakthrough to a spiritual being, to a bigger entity – in the middle of life.

“Man is so much more than just man” (David Steindl-Rast). For our steps and our potential development, this “world” is too small, our path too short. The horizon, on the other hand, cannot limit our world, but by walking on, we transgress our previous “world”, expanding the horizon to ever further limits.

Alain Ligier (France)