Stage 5

The family

The chessboard. The light areas symbolize unity, warmth and stability. I want to go around or jump over the dark areas. I realize that a family is a whole. I am a supplement. No one should stand outside.

The own family is the substantiation of the “We”, the entireness. It bears the pattern of this world of opposites, places unity and warmth against fragmentation and cold, inside and out. Ultimately, the opposites need to make a pattern resulting in a whole.

And then the whole thing leads to new life, to an enrichment leading out of the isolation.

The You and the We outweigh the Self. This may be painful sometimes, and it will especially overstrain anyone with an oversized ego. The family teaches to step back and to accept everything as a gift, from which ultimately the Self emerges strengthened.

Am I prepared to experience the You and the We as an enrichment of the Self?

Max Gangl (Österreich)