Stage 1

The birth

Even the 9 months of pregnancy, the birth and the first 36 months of life leave their imprint on us, for the rest of our lives.

The birth is the first deep incision in our life. After the safety of the womb, a new life starts. The first step towards independence, the beginning of a new path that on the one hand, leads out of the vital safety of the womb to self-discovery, and on the other hand re-defines the “We” over and over again, enters into new relationships, creates a new whole and is completed in a new open horizon.

One thing that is crucial for our further journey through life is the 9 months of pregnancy, birth and the first 36 months of life that already form us up to 90 %.

9 + 36 = 90

This formula for life is the basis for our further life. If we are given the opportunity to start at a high level, we can come a long way in the course of our further life.

Thomas Eller (Italy)