Stage 2

The childhood

My tree of life with its many faces. Who will accompany me? Who will form me? I look at the sun, search for the moon and laugh at the wind, discovering my own world.

Childhood is defined by the triade mother-father-child. The family is the reference point and the center of security, giving safety for the conquest of the world. Only a firm bonding with mother and father can prepare for the breaking away from the family connection.

First, the view to the extended family (siblings, grandparents, uncles, aunts …) and first playmates, the “nursery world”….

The development of the self is progressing, self-assertion needs to be tested in ever bigger circles. On the other hand, it is about extending the “We” to bigger and bigger circles. “I” and “We” are two poles that cannot be separated or played off against each other. We are parts of a more and more comprehensive whole. This is what children should be taught.

Vasilij Gorbunov and Polina Gorbunova (Russia)