Stage 3

The awaking

The guardian. From his fine lines, I want to discover the meaning of my life. The linearity shows me that my personality and character have long been formed and that my thinking knows no limits upward bound. I have to go on – but where to?

Ever inquiring, children discover the world. Adolescents develop their own logic. It is also about putting things into question, rejecting some things and finding one´s own position. The search of something to reject becomes the center of attention.

This also helps develop a sense of what is good and what is bad – for themselves and for the community. The social structure is revealed slowly. Criticism lies in the foreground. On the opposite, a feeling for what leads us on needs to be developed. This rejection, necessary on the one hand, needs to be complemented by an accepting attitude, which is especially difficult in these times.

Only the two of them together amount to a meaningful whole. 

For the first time, the meaning of life becomes a subject of discussion and searching. This undertaking is made more difficult by the fact that the previous generation forced a fragmented reasoning, leading into isolation (such as “Me, Inc.”). The result was that they lost sight of the whole thing. We need to discover how we are incorporated into a more encompassing whole.

What is this encompassing whole?

Futao Fujiii (Japan)